We are proud to present a one of a kind hair implant and scalp disorder clinic in Central Asia.

TCLINIC is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan and specializes in scalp disorders and hair implants. Our specialists are licensed dermatologists with years of experience in dermatology, cosmetology and trichology (No.13016731). Our doctors are leading Almaty surgeons holding medical degrees from highly regarded universities and have additional international certificates required to keep up with modern technologies.

We specialize in biocompatible artificial hair implants “Biofibre” engineered by Medicap. Our doctors have gone through extensive training courses organized by Medicap in Carpi, Italy including many hours of hands on experience.

TCLINIC offers medical tourism services to foreign patients interested in hair implants and also sightseeing the breathtaking nature of Almaty and surrounding areas such as the Silk Road route. Our medical tourism services includes: pick up/drop off at the airport, finding accommodations, translator and other logistics services specially designed for your comfortable rehabilitation and stay in Almaty.

We can schedule Skype/WhatsApp consultation with our doctors to answer all your questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact us: +7701 788 5311.

Let us help you get the thick hair you deserve at affordable rates!

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